Limited time 24 month Certificate Special

You work hard for your money. It’s time your money worked for you. For a limited time get 1.50% APY* on a 24-month certificate.


Gift idea for that special kid in your life

This holiday season, give the gift of a great financial start. Open a savings account with as little as $5. Or earn higher dividends with a youth certificate for as little as $200.


2018-2019 Scholarships

Mill City Credit Union is proud to support student-members seeking higher education with the opportunity to apply for one of seven scholarships awarding a total of $10,000. Deadline is March 18, 2018.


Bill Pay, eBills + Popmoney Sweepstakes

Paying bills electronically can be rewarding – especially this holiday season! Between now and December 31, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact and win big.


Financial Wellness Webinars – December, January and February

With our partner, BALANCE, we’re excited to offer a monthly series of webinars. December’s topic is “First-Time Homebuyer”, January’s topic is “Getting out of Debt” and February’s topic is “Federal vs Private Student Loans”. Check out the Webinars + Seminars calendar for dates and times.


Complimentary Financial Review

For more than 80 years members have trusted Mill City Credit Union to keep their finances in order. Let us continue to help you budget, borrow, invest, and simply get through unexpected life events with the right help at the right time. Sign up for a FREE financial review designed just for you!

Making the Greater Good Even Greater

We believe in lending a hand and giving back to the local non-profit charities and small businesses that help build our community – organizations that make a great community even greater.

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Savings Stumbling Blocks

You probably know you should be saving (or saving more than you already are). Yet sometimes, as they say, life happens. You might have the best intentions to start saving one month, and then surprise: The dishwasher breaks or you need to see a specialist and there goes the cash you intended to save. To help nudge you in the saving direction, here are some common roadblocks to saving that might be in your way.

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