Fill Your Tank!

Get your gas covered, just in time for summer! Book an auto, truck, or motorcycle loan before June 21st, 2018 to automatically be entered to win a $500 gas gift card.


The Science of Saving Giveaway

Partner with Mill City CU to empower kids to focus on an optimistic and hopeful future of awesome possibilities. Help them start their financial journey early.


The place friends recommend to friends

Love Mill City Credit Union and want to share the love? Refer a friend now! They’ll get $15 just for a chat. For any new friends you help us gain, you’ll get $15. So take a few seconds to refer a friend or a few!


LOW Rates on Boats and RVs

With rates this low you can explore the open waters and the open road. Enjoy flexible terms, with extended financing, to pack more fun into your free time!


Financial Wellness Webinars – April, May and June

With our partner, BALANCE, we’re excited to offer a monthly series of webinars. April’s topic is “Psychology of Spending” with a bonus topic “Using Credit Cards Wisely”, May’s topic is “Solving the Mystery of Credit Reports” and June’s topic is “Basics of Personal Finance”. Check out the Webinars + Seminars calendar for dates and times.


Access to 100,000+ ATMs, surcharge free!

Mill City partners with three ATM Networks to provide surcharge free access to over 100,000 ATMs. We’re proud to offer ATM coverage that rivals and exceeds ATM networks of much larger banks. Find an ATM or shared branch near you with our ATMs + Branches Locator!

Making the Greater Good Even Greater

We believe in lending a hand and giving back to the local non-profit charities and small businesses that help build our community – organizations that make a great community even greater.

Featured Small Business

Highly Favored Events

The Shades of Beauty Expo, hosted by Highly Favored Events, LLC, is an event which was created to inspire and empower women of color to love who they are unconditionally and be unapologetically themselves.

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The latest News from Mill City CU

Introducing Bill Capture

Set up new bills within Mill City’s bill pay faster and easier than ever before. It’s as easy at taking a photo with your smartphone. The Mobile Money app recently took an upgrade that allows for this new feature.

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Mill City Blog

How to Figure Out if Your Hobby is a Business

When does your hobby become a business? There are two answers to that question — the one in your mind and the one in the language set out by the IRS. But the latter is really the only one that matters. In fact, in some cases the IRS may consider your photography side hustle, tutoring gig or even your lemonade stand a business; in others the agency is willing to let it slide into hobby territory.

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What to Expect from the Fed Hike

The Federal Reserve recently announced an interest rate increase, and as you might guess, the move will likely cost you money. Although increases in the prime rate are often slow to show up in higher savings rates, they manage to increase rates on variable debts very quickly. That means you’re likely to see it in your credit card billing statements, adjustable-rate mortgages, home equity lines of credit, auto loans and more.

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