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Love Mill City Credit Union and want your friends to love us, too? Refer a friend now! They’ll get $15 just for a chat. For any new friends you help us gain, you’ll get $10. So take a few seconds to refer a friend or a few!


Samsung Pay + Android Pay now available for ATIRAcredit MasterCards

We’re excited to announce that Samsung Pay and Android Pay are now available for cardholders to use with their ATIRAcredit™ Mastercard®! Members can now use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay with their Mill City debit cards and their ATIRA credit cards!


Build your savings with this special-rate Certificate

Secure your savings with a special rate of 1.25% APY on a 24 month Certificate. Rest easy knowing your deposits are insured by the NCUA and Excess Share Insurance to at least $500,000. Find out more + start building your savings now!


TurboTax 2016 Discount, Sweepstakes + Absolute Zero

We’ve teamed up with TurboTax to get you your maximum refund. You can save up to $15 on federal paid products, be entered to win $25,000 or file all your returns for free with Absolute Zero!


Simplify your finances. Imagine the possibilities

Add a savings or pay-off Goal in My Wallet and be entered to win $500, $250 or one of four $100 prizes. It pays to set your financial goals and make a resolution to get fiscally fit in 2017.


Financial Fitness Webinars – February and March

With our partner, BALANCE, we’re excited to offer a monthly series of webinars. February’s topic is “Repaying Student Loans” and March’s topic is “Identity Theft”. Check out the Webinars + Seminars calendar for dates and times.

Making the Greater Good Even Greater

We believe in lending a hand and giving back to the local non-profit charities and small businesses that help build our community – organizations that make a great community even greater.

Featured Non-profit

Welcome Home Vets Program

The Hopkins Elks Welcome Home Vets Program provides home starter kits for homeless veterans moving into permanent housing throughout the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The kits help the veterans get a fresh start and transform a bare apartment into a new home.

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The latest News from Mill City CU

Can you hear me now? phone scam

There’s a new phone scam sweeping the country… The “Can you hear me now?” scheme attempts to record your voice over the phone. (When you pick up the phone, you’ll hear someone ask, “Can you hear me now?”.) The scammer then records and uses your “yes” response to sign you up for a product or service, and demand payment.

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Mill City Blog

How to Prepare Financially for a New Baby

Almost a quarter million dollars. That’s the new price tag on raising a child from birth to age 17, according to a new report by economists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. More specifically, $233,610 is the estimate (in 2015 dollars) for a child born in 2015 to a middle-income, married-couple family.

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How to Increase Your Happiness at Work

Take a second, close your eyes and think to yourself, “I look forward to going to work.” If you can’t keep a straight face, you’re probably like most Americans — of which only 32 percent are “engaged” in their jobs, according to a 2015 Gallup poll.

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