Super Sale for Personal Loans

Let your money power soar with our annual Super Sale! Rates as low as 6.99% APR* on personal loans up to $75,000. And best of all – this low, fixed rate has no origination fees!


Robin’s Success Story

Long-time member Robin M. shares how she was able to continue to be a member for over 30 years, despite multiple out-of-state moves.


9 Month Certificate Special

We’re opening a new branch and sharing the excitement! Get up to 0.93% APY on a 9 month certificate. This offer ends October 31, 2018.


A low-payment alternative to leasing

How would you like the low monthly payments of a lease, without all the heavy restrictions and hidden costs of leasing? Sound impossible? It’s not. Mill City’s PaymentSMART offers just that!


Financial Wellness Webinars – October, November and December

With our partner, BALANCE, we’re excited to offer a monthly series of webinars. October’s topic is “Safeguarding Kids’ Identity ad Online Privacy”, November’s topic is “Breezing Through the Holidays” and December’s topic is “Becoming a Homeowner”. Check out the Webinars + Seminars calendar for dates and times.


Access to 100,000+ ATMs, surcharge free!

Mill City partners with three ATM Networks to provide surcharge free access to over 100,000 ATMs. We’re proud to offer ATM coverage that rivals and exceeds ATM networks of much larger banks.

Making the Greater Good Even Greater

We believe in lending a hand and giving back to the local non-profit charities and small businesses that help build our community – organizations that make a great community even greater.

Featured Non-profit

Gigi's Playhouse

GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center’s mission is to change the way the world views Down Syndrome through national campaigns, educational programs, and by empowering individuals with Down Syndrome, their families and the community.

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The latest News from Mill City CU

Mill City Blog

The Good and The Bad

According to a study from Northwestern Mutual, Americans are carrying more personal debt, yet still struggling to understand it. The report, which surveyed more than 2,000 adult consumers about their levels of debt and understanding of the concept, found that debt levels are increasing in part because many people have an incorrect view of what constitutes “good debt” and “bad debt.”

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Media Matters

The TV sitting in your living room might be more powerful than you ever imagined. That’s one takeaway from a new report that found the way you consume media might impact how you view money, wealthy people and those living in poverty. The phrase “kill your television” might have some merit after all.

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