Credit Reports: Your Digital Defense

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Last week, the FBI’s field office in Portland, Oregon issued a brief advising that checking your credit report can help protect you against identity theft. And if the FBI advises you to check your credit, you probably should. Here’s why.

Waste Not

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One easy way to save cash is to stop being wasteful, yet we all do it. We throw away things that aren’t completely used or we use way too much of something than is actually needed. We think it doesn’t matter, but when you’re trying to make your dollars stretch, every little bit helps. With that in mind, here are some items that you might be wasting without even realizing it.

3 Ways Credit Card Debt is Affecting Your Health

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It’s no secret that credit card debt is a threat to your financial health — but what about your physical, emotional and even social wellbeing? According to a recent LendEDU survey, shouldering credit card debt from month to month can have some serious impacts on your relationships, your body and your mind. Here’s how your debt could be impacting you, and what you can do about it.

Careful Co-Signing

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If you’ve ever been asked to co-sign a loan, you should take plenty of time to mull over the implications before making a decision. While saying “no” likely comes with its own set of repercussions — especially if the person holds a grudge against you — saying yes could impact you in a variety of notable, negative ways.

A Foreign Fee

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If you’re traveling abroad, there are certain things you should know: Where you stashed the underwear, how to say “I’m lost” in the country’s native language and the ins and outs of credit card foreign transaction fees. If you don’t know the latter, you’re not alone.

Watch Out Now


Scammers are a problem for everyone, but surprisingly, they seem to pose the biggest threat to young people. According to a FTC study, 40 percent of Americans between ages 20 and 29 reported losing money to scammers last year. Meanwhile, only 18 percent of Americans 70 and older reported the same problem.

The High Cost of Hallmark Holidays and How to Save

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Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday. What do these all have in common? Yup, each is a holiday. But not just any holiday — they’re what some call “Hallmark Holidays.” This term is typically used to describe holidays that exist primarily for commercial purposes rather than commemorating an historic or important event.

Save The Date, Save Some Cash

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Everyone knows getting married is expensive, but the bride and groom aren’t the only ones paying the price. According to a recent study from American Express, simply attending a wedding as a guest will cost you plenty. In 2016, the average wedding guest shelled out an average of $900. And that’s not including destination weddings. So what are people to do?

Missed Out on Shred Day?

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If you missed out on Shred Day but have a file cabinet overflowing with documents that you want shredded, don’t fear! Check out some of the options you have to get rid of those pesky documents for good.

Should You Retire Your Debt Before You Retire?

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Americans are carrying more debt into retirement than ever before. Making monthly debt payments during retirement can leave you with less money for necessary living expenses, especially if you’re living on a fixed income. Should you retire your debt before retiring?