From one fraud to another

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With millions of credit cards converted to the smart chip format instead of the less-secure stripe swipe, it should come as no surprise that thieves are upping their games as well. It turns out that instead of eradicating fraud, the chip cards have merely changed the kind of fraud that thieves commit.

How to Decode Confusing Financial Aid Packages

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You paid the college application fees, sent off the transcripts and played the waiting game. Now, the financial aid letters are rolling in. Unfortunately, they’re often inconsistent and filled with jargon and numbers that make your head spin. We’ve got strategies for making sense of them and helping you pick the best one.

Willing it

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It’s not a pleasant subject, but if you haven’t drawn up a will yet, it’s time to get to it. We say this because a recent study from found that just 42 percent of American adults have a will. That’s woefully low, especially considering that creating a will is actually quite easy.

How To Avoid This Car Insurance Rate Hike

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What’s one surefire way to turn a bad day into a worse one? A fender-bender that’s — by all standards — not your fault. And chances are that might not be the end of the bad news. According to a recent report from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), your auto insurance premiums are likely headed up.

Sell It Better

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So you want to sell your car. Great! Put a “For Sale” sign in the window with your number on it, sit back and let the calls — and eventually the cash — roll in. Ha! We wish selling your car was like that. Unfortunately it’s just not that easy. There are lots of tiny steps along the way to a sale that often slow the process down. Here are some things to know before selling your car, so that the sale goes through seamlessly.

Four to $1,000

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We hear you. This is the year you’re going to save $5,000 every few months. While everyone loves to start off the year with a bang, might we suggest something simpler? After all, the reality is that about 70 percent of adults have less than $1,000 in savings, and 34 percent have absolutely zero socked away. This article gives four tips to save that first $1,000.

Focus to Get out of Debt

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Americans, on average, added about $1,003 in credit card debt over the holidays. That means it’s time to revisit the best way to effectively pay down debt. According to studies from behavioral science researchers at Harvard and Georgetown, the most important thing to remember when chopping away at credit card debt is focus.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to a Budget Wedding

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Congratulations! You — or your kid — said Y-E-S to one of the biggest questions in life. I don’t have to tell you how significant a decision it is to spend the rest of your life with someone. But it’s no small shakes financially either.

How to Prepare Financially for a New Baby

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Almost a quarter million dollars. That’s the new price tag on raising a child from birth to age 17, according to a new report by economists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. More specifically, $233,610 is the estimate (in 2015 dollars) for a child born in 2015 to a middle-income, married-couple family.