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Travel Tips 101


Have a trip coming? How exciting! Before you go, here are some helpful tips when using your Mill City Debit Card while traveling!

My Wallet Resolution 2017 Winner!


Mill City’s My Wallet 2017 Winter Resolution contest had a $100 winner! Nancy, of Minneapolis, MN, was randomly chosen among qualifying My Wallet users and was recently awarded her prize.

Don't Fall for Mother's Day coupon scam


Coupons for $50 off at Lowe’s or Bed Bath & Beyond are making the rounds on social media—and, unfortunately, they really are too good to be true. They’re fake. They take consumers to a page featuring the retailer logo, ask consumers to fill out a survey to receive the deal, and then steal their personal data.

Can you hear me now? phone scam


There’s a new phone scam sweeping the country… The “Can you hear me now?” scheme attempts to record your voice over the phone. (When you pick up the phone, you’ll hear someone ask, “Can you hear me now?”.) The scammer then records and uses your “yes” response to sign you up for a product or service, and demand payment.

Maximize Your Membership


Maximize your membership in 2017 by taking full advantage of Mill City Credit Union’s easy-to-use online and automated services. Here are 4 easy tips on where to focus to get you started.

Stay on top of your Credit Score


Last summer we introduced free credit scores within Virtual Branch. If you haven’t tried it yet there’s no better time of year to start a new habit than the start of the new year! Make a resolution to track your credit score and find ways to improve it.

ATIRAcredit Mastercard Alerts


On October 1, enhanced ATIRAcredit cardmember alerts launched to help reduce fraud and keep cardmembers informed of what’s happening with their accounts.