Press Releases

Mill City CU Raises $2,300 for Sharing & Caring Hands


Mill City CU employees presented a $2,300 check to a representative of Sharing & Caring Hands on October 8, also known as CU Forward Day in Minnesota. CU Forward Day is statewide day of credit unions sharing kindness and is organized by the Minnesota Credit Union Network.

Mill City Credit Union Awards $2,000 to Local Do-Gooders


Mill City Credit Union has announced the winners of its most recent Making the Greater Good Even Greater give-back campaign. The winners, non-profit Students Today Leaders Forever and small business Highly Favored Events, LLC, were each awarded $1,000 from the credit union.

Mill City CU Hosts Interactive Budgeting Simulation at the Robbinsdale Transition Center


On Friday, February 23, Mill City Credit Union hosted Mad City Money, a financial literacy and budgeting simulation that mimics real life as an adult, at the Robbinsdale Transition Center. Located in Crystal, MN, the Robbinsdale Transition Center is a program helping young adults with disabilities transition from school to adult life. Twenty students between the ages of 18 and 21 participated in the simulation.