Press Releases

Mill City Credit Union Awards $2,000 to Local Do-Gooders


Mill City Credit Union has announced the winners of its most recent Making the Greater Good Even Greater give-back campaign. The winners, non-profit Students Today Leaders Forever and small business Highly Favored Events, LLC, were each awarded $1,000 from the credit union.

Mill City CU Hosts Interactive Budgeting Simulation at the Robbinsdale Transition Center


On Friday, February 23, Mill City Credit Union hosted Mad City Money, a financial literacy and budgeting simulation that mimics real life as an adult, at the Robbinsdale Transition Center. Located in Crystal, MN, the Robbinsdale Transition Center is a program helping young adults with disabilities transition from school to adult life. Twenty students between the ages of 18 and 21 participated in the simulation.

Mill City CU Raises $4,500 for Survivor Resources


Each year, Mill City Credit Union (CU) employees nominate and vote on one charitable organization to support. For 2017, employees voted to support Survivor Resources, a non-profit organization providing immediate and long-term grief support for families affected by suicide, homicide, overdose, and accidental death. Total money raised climbed to $4,500 for Survivor Resources.