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Credit Unions Have Second Largest Branch Network


CO-OP Shared Branching: Competitively Convenient Nationwide.

by CO-OP Network

By their very nature, credit unions sit at the heart of today’s sharing economy – and they are growing and prospering accordingly.

Case in point: The CO-OP Shared Branch network recently reached another new milestone, surpassing mega-bank Chase to become the country’s second largest branch network among commercial financial institutions, according to the FDIC.

While Wells Fargo’s branch network remains the nation’s largest, CO-OP Shared Branch is quickly ascending in the rankings, with more than 400 new branches joining the cooperative’s network in the last year alone.

Branch Networks by the Numbers:

Financial Institution Branches
Wells Fargo 6,150
CO-OP Shared Branch 5,671
Chase 5,567

It’s Good to Share: This is the reason credit unions have the nation’s second largest branch network!

So what is it about shared branching that resonates so well with modern consumers, and how can credit unions further leverage their combined resources in service to members?

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