My Credit Score Ends

As of March 24, 2015, the company supporting My Credit Score will no longer partner with financial institutions. This is disappointing, because My Credit Score has proved to be a valuable resource for members.

The good news is that an excellent, still free, alternative should be available to you by May 1, 2015.

Our new partnership will be with an organization who focuses on credit unions and their members.

Features include:

  • credit score (updated monthly)
  • analysis of factors which positively and negatively impact your score
  • payment history specifics including any derogatory records
  • metrics on your debt to income and revolving debt ratios
  • budget basics based on net income
  • financial check-up tool which allows you to understand options to pay off debt, save more or meet customized financial goals
  • education area including articles and tips from experts including Jean Chatzky
  • recommendations for specific Mill City CU products/services that could benefit your situation

As soon as possible, we will communicate with you regarding the name of the new service and also provide you with a more specific live date. Moving away from My Credit Score wasn’t planned; yet the new option and functionality will be more robust. Please check back to MillCityCU.com for more updates.

We thank you for your membership and your continued use of Mill City CU credit services.