SavvyMoney Minute Videos

Best money tips in a minute.

Mill City Credit Union brings you SavvyMoney minute videos where Jean Chatzky teaches you to set savings goals, spend wisely and live the life you want to live! Daily and featured articles are available, in addition to the minute videos.


There are 16 minute videos

  1. Financial Checkup
  2. Fool Yourself into saving more
  3. Credit Utilization Impact On Your Credit Score
  4. Pay Together, Stay Together
  5. 5 Tips to Better Finances
  6. Good Debt vs Bad Debt
  7. Are You a Smart Borrower?
  8. Save For Something
  9. 3 Ways to Automate Your Finances
  10. Don’t Shop Angry, Hungry or Sad
  11. Tricks to Saving More
  12. Personal Finance is More Personal Than Finance
  13. Save on Auto and Home Insurance
  14. Student Loan Tips
  15. Auto Refinance for Huge Savings
  16. Hope is Not an Investment Strategy