College Financing

Many ways to pay for college.

There’s saved money, borrowed money, earned money and scholarships – what mix of these options will get you through? Mill City Credit Union has both Scholarships and Private Student Loans available for your plan.


Mill City CU is dedicated to furthering the financial education of our members and we are proud to be able to support members seeking higher education with the opportunity to apply for scholarships. Mill City CU has developed a scholarship program of its own that is exclusively available to Mill City CU members. Six to ten scholarships are awarded each year.

In addition, each year the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Council (MNFSC) partners with numerous Minnesota credit unions to offer over $10,000 in college scholarships to college-bound credit union members. All Mill City CU members may apply for MNFSC Scholarships, regardless of their state of residence.

Thousands of other scholarships exist and go unused every year. Get a head-start on college funding by visiting Fast Web — a free service that matches students with scholarships, grants and loans they are eligible for. College Net is another college resource website where you can interact with other students through online discussion groups, learn about the college environment and even win scholarships!

Private Student Loans

Mill City CU can assist college bound students with our private student loans that can help pay for college expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans. First, complete your FASFA and find out what the college has to offer for financial aid. Then private student loans can help fill the gap.

For a video on “Getting a Student Loan” or an article entitled “Getting Student Loans During the Credit Crunch” go to the Financial Resource Center.