Invest on My Own: Article

Should I Invest on my Own?

There are multiple opportunities for you to invest on your own in the form of trading platforms that cater to individual investors. Many publications and individuals in the popular media are dedicated to those individuals who want to invest on their own, rather than utilizing a Financial Advisor.

The key to consider in making a decision to invest on your own lies in your willingness to do the tasks necessary to create opportunity to be a successful investor.

These tasks include:

  • Paperwork – accurately completing paperwork and making sure the account is set up to best meet your needs from a tax and account registration standpoint.
  • Research – reviewing many different investments and discerning through your research which products may meet your needs based on your risk tolerance, income needs and time horizon.
  • Staying current with the market – financial markets will fluctuate and you should have a basic understanding of what is driving the markets and how market conditions are likely to affect your investments.
  • Adjusting your account – making changes in your investment selections, or how your account is set up in your trading platform to reflect your needs for the future.

If you are comfortable in completing the tasks necessary to create opportunity to be a successful investor, investing on your own might be appropriate for you. If not, you would be well served to find a Financial Advisor with whom you are comfortable and can develop a long term working relationship.

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